Our History

Aluwen (Pty) Ltd. was founded in 2015 and operated as a construction and renovations entity.

During this time we became acquainted with the Norton Saint-Gobain range of abrasives products and it quickly became our preferred brand due to the quality of the products, the cost savings of using these products as it tend to last much longer than competitor products and most importantly – the safety of the products. One only has to experience a cutting disk disintegrating once during operation to realize that a quality product is an absolute necessity.

Who We Are

During 2016 negotiations commenced on converting Aluwen into an online distributor for Norton. The construction and renovations operation was terminated and Aluwen implemented the strategic decision to focus all of its efforts into the sale of Norton products.

What We Do

We currently distribute products featured in the South African Industrial Catalogue, with the DIY and Automotive Aftermarket ranges soon to be added.