Safety Advice



All coated abrasives should be handled carefully. Damage can be caused by mishandling, which should be avoided. Coated abrasives should be stored in dry, frost free conditions. They should be kept away from heat sources, cold, damp walls, doors or windows
and should not be in direct contact with the floor.

Temperatures and humidity should be between 18°C and 22°C and 45%-65% relative humidity. Coated abrasives should not exposed to direct sunlight. Products should be kept in their original packaging until immediately before use. Once unpacked, they should be stored in a way which avoids distortion.


Safety goggles, ear defenders, safety gloves, dust masks and, if conditions are severe, additional face protection. Leather aprons and safety shoes must be worn.


Safety instructions provided by the machine manufacturers must be followed. Where fitted,
all guards, covers and hoods must be in place on the machine during grinding, and should not be modified in any way.

Abrasives should not be used near inflammable material or in an environment where there is a risk of explosion. Sparks should be directed away from the face and body, if possible towards the floor.

Dust extraction equipment must be used whenever it is available.

The instructions for use given by the abrasive manufacturer must be followed e.g. ‘Not to be
used without a support’, or ‘Not to be used for wet grinding’. The workpiece must be firmly fixed before grinding starts.

Check all abrasives visually before use and make certain that the product is suitable for
the application. No modifications should be made to abrasive products after delivery.

When using a portable grinder always switch it off and allow the spindle to stop completely before putting the tool down.

Wet grinding should only be carried out on machines designed for this purpose and with abrasives designated as suitable for this type of operation.